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About us

Years of research has proven that the modern agriculture methods have created a huge market for food industries plus pharmaceutical industries but have destroyed the natural food production system that balanced the ecosystem.

We cannot have climate change mitigation programs without incorporating the indigenous food systems.

Introduction of modern farming methods saw the introduction of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides which science has proven ends up on our dinner table.

Our Vision

To foster thriving and resilient indigenous food systems that honor and sustain the cultural heritage, health, and sovereignty of indigenous communities. We envision a future where indigenous peoples have full control over their food systems, reclaiming and revitalizing traditional knowledge, practices, and foodways.

Our Mission

Advocating for Indigenous Food Sovereignty: We engage in advocacy efforts at local, regional, and national levels to raise awareness, influence policies, and support the rights of indigenous peoples to control their food systems, ensuring their voices are heard and their unique needs are addressed.

Core Values

The organization values the preservation and promotion of indigenous food traditions, recipes, and culinary practices. It recognizes the importance of indigenous food as an essential part of cultural heritage and seeks to protect and revive traditional knowledge and practices related to food.

African Indigenous Foods Expo 2023


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Our Experts

Professional Team

Dr. Njoki mitugo
Founder/ CEO
Prof. Gituro Wainaina
Joseph Kamau
Agriculture Specialist
Serah Kahuri
Outreach Program
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